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Fall 2010201120122013

Provides a detailed overview of the chemical transformations that control the abundances of key trace species in t

Fall 2013; co-taught with Colette Heald and Eben Cross

This class aims to foster solution‐oriented design to address real‐world problems, meeting a set of realistic constraints. Specifically, students in the class will explore a concrete example of the “smart city” concept. This will be achieved via a hands‐on design experience including research, design, prototyping and testing of a sensor network for the MIT campus.

Spring 2014; co-taught with Colette Heald and Eben Cross

Synthesizes prior design education through a semester-long design project, concurrent implementation project, lectures and related assignments. Students who have specialized in structural, geotechnical, engineering systems, and environmental areas form mixed teams to work on the projects.

Spring 20122013; co-taught with Roman Stocker and other faculty/staff

Spring 2010201120122013; co-taught with Phil Gschwend (2010-12), Harry Hemond (2013), Sheila Frankel (2010-11), Martin Polz (2010-11) and Janelle Thompson (2010-11)

Spring 2010201120122013; co-taught with Phil Gschwend (2010-12) and Harry Hemond (2013)

Covers basic environmental chemistry with a focus on understanding the principles governing the function of both natural systems and systems perturbed or engineered by humans.

IAP 2012, 2013, IAP+spring 2015, 2016 
co-taught with Eben Cross (2012-13), Sheila Frankel (2012), Colette Heald (2013,2015), Jen Murphy (2013,2015), and Ben Kocar (2015-6)