Kroll Lab
Chemistry of Organic Compounds in the Earth's Atmosphere

1.007 : EES-Lab: Engineering for Environment and Sustainability(U)

Spring 20122013; co-taught with Roman Stocker and other faculty/staff

Provides a practical introduction to key topics, current research and state-of-the-art tools in engineering for sustainability. Addresses engineering problems associated with the built and natural environments, with a focus on design of novel solutions to grand challenges related to energy, the environment, and sustainable societal growth. Organized around three themes: sustainable cities, energy and climate, and air, water, and health. Each week involves a lab or field trip related to a specific topic; examples include assessing the viability of sequestration, monitoring urban air pollution, collecting and observing the microorganisms that drive oceans' vital cycles, measuring the energy efficiency of buildings, and taking a boat on the Charles River for water quality measurements. Culminates in a field trip to Cape Cod.