Kroll Lab
Chemistry of Organic Compounds in the Earth's Atmosphere
R.M. Parsons Laboratory
Environmental Science and Engineering

1.013 : Senior Civil and Environmental Engineering Design (U)

SpringĀ 2014; co-taught with Colette Heald and Eben Cross

Synthesizes prior design education through a semester-long design project, concurrent implementation project, lectures and related assignments. Students who have specialized in structural, geotechnical, engineering systems, and environmental areas form mixed teams to work on the projects. For the semester-long project, which must be planned and designed for a specific location, students demonstrate creativity in applying theories and methodologies from their design and analysis subjects while considering the project's technical, environmental and social feasibility. Parallel to the design project is a related project involving actual implementation and analysis. Lectures on a variety of related civil and environmental engineering concepts, and engineering practice and ethics, are also part of the subject. Instruction and practice in oral and written communication are an integral part of the multiple design stages.