Kroll Lab
Chemistry of Organic Compounds in the Earth's Atmosphere
R.M. Parsons Laboratory
Environmental Science and Engineering

1.091/1.092 : Traveling Research Environmental Experience (TREX) (U)

IAP 2012, 2013, IAP+spring 2015, 2016 
co-taught with Eben Cross (2012-13), Sheila Frankel (2012), Colette Heald (2013,2015), Jen Murphy (2013,2015), and Ben Kocar (2015-6)

Introduction to environmental fieldwork and research, over IAP (1.091), with a followup in the spring (1.092), covering data collection and analysis, interpretation of results, and science communication. Students conduct fieldwork during IAP, focusing on one or more environmental research projects. Spring semester activities involve research in support of the fieldwork, with instruction and practice in oral and written communication. Includes a survey of the relevant peer-reviewed literature; laboratory measurements of field samples and/or instrumental response; data analysis and interpretation; and dissemination of results. Culminates in presentation of the research project(s), and write-ups of the research in manuscript form.