Kroll Lab
Chemistry of Organic Compounds in the Earth's Atmosphere

1.107 : Environmental Chemistry and Biology Laboratory (U)

Spring 2010201120122013; co-taught with Phil Gschwend (2010-12), Harry Hemond (2013), Sheila Frankel (2010-11), Martin Polz (2010-11) and Janelle Thompson (2010-11)

Laboratory and field techniques in biogeochemistry and environmental engineering and their application to the understanding of natural and engineered ecosystems. Exercises demonstrate data acquisition and modeling suited to identifying and quantifying physical, chemical, and biological processes that govern the effects of human activity on the functioning of natural systems and/or the efficacy of engineered approaches to environmental problems. Applications include chemical and biological remediation, measurement of contaminants, and detection of biogeochemical activity in natural environments. An independently designed final project is required.